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1081  Technical Discussion / General Discussion / What Shocks And Struts Do on: February 12, 2009, 09:12:08 am

Post by tweety on Thu Jan 08, 2009 3:30 pm

What Shocks And Struts Do

Shocks and struts influence the control and handling characteristics of your vehicle while holding the tires to the road. They control the action of the spring to resist bottoming out -- like when you hit a pothole -- and keep the movement of the springs under control when they rebound. Without shocks and struts, a vehicle would continually bounce and bound down the road, making driving difficult.

"It is important that shocks and struts are in top condition during the winter months," says James Plogger, vice president of sales for Gabriel Ride Control Products, Inc. "It is recommended that vehicle owners have their vehicles' ride control systems checked by an ASE certified service technician."

How They Work

Shocks provide resistance by forcing hydraulic fluid (oil) through valves in the piston as it moves up and down. Because the oil cannot be compressed, only a certain amount of fluid can be forced through these valves, which creates resistance to the vehicle movement.

How To Tell If Shocks And Struts Need Replacement

Under normal conditions, shocks and struts wear out gradually. However, many factors can affect how much wear is actually occurring and at what rate it is occurring.

"For example, two people buy the same vehicle new off the dealer lot -- one lives in the city close to the office, and drives mostly on straight roads. The other lives in the country, 45 miles from the office and must travel 10 of those miles on a winding, often muddy gravel road. Because shocks operate in an extremely hostile under-vehicle environment, where anything from gravel to ice, and snow to grit can affect the life of the product, it is a good bet that driver number two will need to replace his shocks long before driver number one," explains Plogger.

The piston rod can easily be nicked or damaged by flying gravel allowing grit and dirt to damage the piston seal. Among signs of worn shocks or struts:

Do you experience excessive bounce (three or more bounces) when crossing an intersection? When stopping quickly does your vehicle rock back and forth? While applying your brakes firmly at higher speeds, does your vehicle drift left or right? When changing lanes quickly does your vehicle rock or sway from side to side?

Many components contribute to handling. Having your vehicle inspected if you experience any of the above signs is good preventive maintenance.

From Ask the Subaru Rally Team
1082  General Information / Club Information / ABOUT SOCOJ on: February 12, 2009, 09:07:59 am
The SOCOJ is a relaxed but controlled motoring club that is run and managed by the SOCOJ management committee. It was created by a group of young professionals to bring together owners of the Subaru marque in order to exchange ideas, problems and queries regarding Subaru vehicles. The SOCOJ will promote casual outings for the club members to meet and socialize and also to promote driver skill and training. The SOCOJ will provide information on technical issues pertaining to Subaru vehicles as well as any other information the management committee feels would be of benefit to the members. The club will also create a network of individuals with different skill sets that are related to different industries to allow members to help each other on matters not necessarily related to Subaru vehicles. The club currently has over 50 members from Jamaica.

The Subaru Owners Club of Jamaica's homepage is currently at It can be a very lively forum, with every topic of Subaru ownership being discussed on a regular basis.

The Subaru Owners Club Steering Committee

President - Christopher Magnus - Stig

Vice President - O'neall Hardy -Spec B

Technical Consultant/Asst. Vice President - Jimmy Sinclair -Jimpro

Public Relations Officer - Garfield Haisley - gargamel

Treasurer - Shawn Jeffrey - Awesome

Secretary - Roger Roomes - Foska Oats

Events Coordinator - Marsha Stephens - Tweety

Asst. Events Coordinator - Donald Fuller -Tegareg

Asst. Events Coordinator - Kianne Hutchinson -Si-RR

Future Plans

The Club intends to form alliances with potential sponsors, corporate interests and automotive related interests to assist the members in any area that is of concern to them.

So you want to be a Member....right?

In order to be a part of this club and to get updates persons are encouraged to submit the following information to or


Screen name (for SOCOJ website):


Year/Model Vehicle:

Email address:

There is also an introductory annual membership fee.
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