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Author Topic: What has happened to the Subarus at Dover?  (Read 2882 times)
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« on: July 19, 2012, 03:48:53 pm »

Subarus and racing have been synonymous for a long time. Jamaicans love the STI and what it represents to racing. In recent times, news from its arch nemesis Mitsubishi suggests that there will be a vacuum with the discontinuation of the Evolution line of cars. However there seems to be a disjoint in Jamaica, not many racers have hopped onto the brand for the Dover race series. When Stephen Bansie was racing at least the brand had a prominent representative, to a lesser extent so was Joel Jackson. Why haven't more racers entered WRX/STIs in the race series? Why aren't those who are there more competitive? Why hasn't anyone seek the help of say Crawford, Cosworth or Cobbs, three prominent proponents of STIs to help with their cars? Why hasn't anyone seek to purchase Tony the Tiger, a feared Time Attack car in the vein of the AMS car now campaigned by David Summerbell Jr? This is a car that would do wonders for the brand in Jamaica and would also give the front running cars a serious run for their money. Your thoughts.....
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« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2012, 05:44:49 am »

Not sure about that question.....

There are two active Subarus at Dover:

1. Heath Causewell's GC.
2. Peter Jaggon's (ex Stephen Bansie 3 time IP 27 champion) GD Spec C.

Don Thompson has a GD Spec C that runs in IP45; he may be back on Sunday with it; also Jaleel Handal (Tile City) may be back with his GD Wrx.

In my opinion Subarus aren't popular in Jamaican racing because of the perception that they are more expensive to run and to make power. This is highlighted by the increased numbers of Hondas and Mitsubishis running at Dover.
The current Subarus running there today are slowly changing that perception....

I can't speak to the sourcing of the feared time attack Subarus, but I encourage you to watch carefully Heath Causewell's car...that car is being developed to be something special....

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