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1. The purpose of the Club is to provide a vehicle for social and technical needs of SUBARU automobile owners.

2. Membership
      A.    Any SUBARU automobile owners and/or enthusiast living within the boundaries of Jamaica is eligible for membership in the Club.
      B.    The Club area consists of all of Jamaica.
      C.    Potential members must apply to the SUBARU Owners Club of Jamaica
      D.    Classes of membership, as defined by SOCOJ are:
                  I. General Membership
                  II. Associate Membership
                 III. Special types of membership as granted by the SOCOJ Executive Committee such as honorary, life, or charter.
3. Officers
      A.       The elected officers of the Club shall be as follows:
                i.  President
                ii. Vice President\ Membership Chairman
                iii. Secretary
                iv. Treasurer
                v. Two Regional Representatives
                vi. PR and Recruitment

      B.      Officers appointed by the Executive Committee:
               I. Newsletter Editor and Public Relations
               II. Events Coordinator

      C.      The voting Sub- Committee shall consist of eight or more officers depending on how many Officers at Large, as defined in the Bylaws, are appointed.
      D.      Immediate Past Presidents shall be members of the Executive Committee for two years after demitting office pending the approval of the current President.

4. Elections and meetings.
      A.     Elections will be held in April  at the Annual General Meeting.
      B.     Officers will be elected by a vote of all members on an official ballot returned through the deposit in a ballot box provided by the Secretary at meetings.
     C.      If the President vacates his office during his term the duties will be assumed by the Vice President. All other vacancies will be filled by persons appointed by the President with the advice of the Executive Committee.
     D.      Emergency Executive Committee decisions may be taken outside of Executive Committee meetings which can be accomplished by telephone, internet or an emergency meeting by two-thirds vote of the full Executive Committee which must include the President.

5. Amendments to this Constitution will be accomplished by a two-thirds vote of all the members of the Executive Committee within the first year of the operation of the Club and thereafter by 2/3rds of the members present at the Annual General Meeting.

SUBARU Owners Club of Jamaica

1. Membership rights.
A.    Each member is entitled to participate in all Club events and in the administration of the Club and events.
B.    Annual Dues are set by the SOCOJ acting in Gneral Meeting.
C.    Each paid up member in good standing has the right to hold office and one vote in club elections.
D.    Every member shall be eligible for discounts, concessions and privileges afforded to the SOCOJ.
E.    No prospective member shall attend more than three meetings and/or events as a guest without applying for membership.
F.    Dues, for full members, shall be $3000 pa. and $2400 pa. for an associate member. Dues shall be due and payable on the first day of April annually. Whosoever joins this Club from May shall pay dues prorated for each month of the remaining fiscal year.
G.    Any member, whose dues have not been paid by July 1st, will have their membership automatically cancelled. Members thus cancelled, who subsequently desire to be reinstated, must pay the full annual dues
H.    Any member who fails to comply with any requirements of this Constitution and/or Bylaws, other than non-payment of dues, shall be notified that their membership may be cancelled by the Executive Committee, unless they can show cause before the Executive Committee within thirty days after the notice.

2. Meetings.
There shall be an Annual General Meeting each year and twelve Executive Committee meetings per year. . The Executive Committee  meetings are open to
all members in good standing to attend.

A.    A quorum shall consist of seven Executive Committee members. If there are less than seven members present at a meeting then any decisions made hall be advisory and acted upon at a special meeting, by telephone or at the next Executive Committee meeting.
B.    All business other than amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws shall be binding through a simple majority vote of the Executive Committee.
C.    There will be financial planning Executive Committee meeting in February of each year to set the budget for the year, April through to March of the following year.
D.    The final Executive Committee meeting of each year will include event planning to Plan and schedule events for the coming year, April through March.
E.    The fiscal year shall end March 31st.

A. President:
Presides over all meetings, prepares the agenda and directs the discussion thereof; acts as an ex-officio member of all standing and temporary committees except the nominating committee; executes all documents and correspondence in the name of the Club as authorized by the membership or the Executive Committee. The President, or other officer designated by the President, is responsible for sending in the annual Club report to the SUBARU Owners Club of
Jamaica Regional Representative in the frequency as specified by the SOCOJ Operations Manual.

B. Vice President and Membership Chairman:
Acts in place of the President during his absence or when so ordered by the President; assists the President and/or Executive Committee in any manner that they may direct. Responsible for recruitment and introduction of new members to the club.

C. Secretary:
Records and preserves the minutes of the Executive Committee meetings; presents and reads such minutes at the request of the President; prepares necessary correspondence of the Club when so directed; sends a list of Club officer's names, addresses and telephone numbers to the SOCOJ Office in the frequency as specified by the SOCOJ Operations Manual.

D. Treasurer:
Keeps and preserves the records and books of accounts reflecting the financial condition and operation of the Club and any corporate documents which obligate the Club financially. Upon the request of the President, the Executive Committee, or Club members, the Treasurer furnishes a report of financial transactions; the Treasurer receives all monies paid to the Club and promptly deposits same to its credit with the bank designated as Club depository. He prepares the annual Club financial report for the SOCOJ Regional Representatives in the frequency as specified by the SOCOJ Operations Manual.

E. Officers at Large:
Shall be a member of the Executive Committee, attend the meetings of the Executive Committee, aid in forming policy and making decisions, and undertake any duties the President or Executive Committee of Directors may designate. Officers at Large will be former presidents.

F. Regional Representatives:
Shall be a member of the Executive Committee, attend the meetings of the Executive Committee, aid in forming policy and making decisions, and undertake any duties the President or Executive Committee of Directors may designate.

G. Events Co-ordinator:
Primarily responsible for planning, organizing, and staging the events and activities of the Club; recruits members to run events and activities.

H. Public Relations and Recruitment:
Responsible for creating and supplying the Club newsletter to the members. Controls the expense of the newsletter as directed by the
Executive Committee. Coordinate recruitment programs, increase and maintain membership.

I. All officers must attend a minimum of 3 Executive Committee Meetings per year and the Annual General meeting.

J. Four of the officers will be designated by the Executive Committee to endorse cheques.

K. A minimum of two officers must sign all cheques

4. Nominations and Elections
A.    The full Executive Committee, except for the President, shall be the nominating committee. The Vice President will be responsible for and head the committee.
B.    A member may run for office upon the nomination of the Executive Committee, by personal request to the Executive Committee, or by nomination from another member.
C.   All prospective office holders must be willing to attend a minimum of 4 Executive Committee meetings each year and the Annual General meeting.
D.    All ballots must be available to the Executive Committee at the December Executive Committee meeting. The Secretary will be responsible for the election notice and ballot counting.
E.    A majority of votes cast shall elect a candidate to office.
F.    The outgoing Executive Committee will decide all election ties.

5. All committees will be formed, as needed, by a vote of the Executive Committee.

6. Amendments to the Bylaws will be accomplished by a two-thirds vote of a Executive Committee.

7. Liability
A.    SOCOJ promotes and encourages responsible driving. Subaru drivers must therefore “DRIVE RESPONSIBLY” at all times observing the Rules of the Road as Gazetted.
B.    The SOCOJ reserves the right to bring sanctions against members who display what is deemed irresponsible driving on SOCOJ events or linkups. These sanctions will be determined by a committee setup by the President and the Events Coordinator, in which case the offending member may present their case.
C.    SOCOJ reserves the right to refuse membership to an individual or to discontinue their membership with just cause.
D.    Members must, by law, have their own motor vehicle insurance. Members shall participate in Club events at their own risk and shall look to their own insurance agent for any liabilities.

9. Club Reports
A.    A list of Club Officers' names, addresses and telephone numbers must be submitted by the Secretary to the Vice President and the SOCOJ office within 30 days of the completion of Club elections.

B.    An annual report of Club activities must be provided by the President to the members at AGM
C.    An annual financial report of the Club must be provided by the Treasurer to the members at AGM.

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